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The Communicative Approach used at Premium English aims to teach students language which will help them to communicate in the real world.  All the essential elements of a language course are included in the communicative approach – reading, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation, and of course, grammar.  The Communicative Approach provides lots of exposure to language in use and plenty of opportunities to use it – essential for a student’s development of knowledge and skill.

The communicative approach sets out to provide learners with tasks that attempt to replicate REAL COMMUNICATION; therefore learners practise the language that they will need when communicating with speakers of English.

The communicative approach is good, not only for learners who are studying to communicate in English now, but also for students who are preparing to study abroad and for those who are motivated by realistic language practice.



The communicative approach is the most popular method used in TEFL schools in all major countries throughout the world.  Students in Tokyo, London, Moscow and Buenos Aires all use the Communicative Approach to communicate both with Native speakers and non-Native speakers of English.

The Communicative Approach is different to a traditional classroom teaching style.  The students practise language that they are likely to encounter in real life.  Due to the fact that all our teachers are native speakers or Russian teachers who have lived abroad students learn to speak English like a native using relevant, modern language and vocabulary which is best suited for the situation.

Our teachers all hold TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificates and are specially trained to use the Communicative Approach.