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Young Learners:

An ideal introduction to English

Bright, colourful pictures

Mum and dad don’t need English!

Musical, touch and feel, DVDs


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Older children:

Wide choice of stories

Graded to all levels and ages

Activities and exercises to help with understanding

Fun stories aimed at children

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Contemporary and classics

American English and British English

Graded to students levels

CDs available with some books


In our library we have a selection of original English books and magazines for students.  Students can borrow any book or can relax in our comfortable reception area to read before or after class.  We also have a large choice of Oxford, Penguin Readers and Macmillan books, these books are specially adapted for learners of English and are ideal for students of all levels. 


We have a small bookshop at school.  If you like to make notes in your reading books or to be able to go over them again and again you can buy a reader for you or your children.  A lot of the readers books come with CDs of the books so you can listen at the same time as you read.  We also have a selection of dictionaries, vocabulary books and grammar exercise books available for you.