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What if I am weaker or stronger than the other students in the group?

Every student takes a level-check test and speaks to a teacher before joining any group. This means that students are only placed with students of a similar English ability.

How much time do I need to start speaking English?

Students speak English in every lesson. If you are an absolute beginner you will start with simple greetings and short phrases but will finish the first lesson speaking. The amount of time you need to study before you can have a conversation in English depends on you. If you participate in class, do all your homework then this time will be reduced. The advantage of studying at Premium English is that the whole lesson is in English and from the minute you enter the school you are in an English speaking environment. Therefore your listening and speaking skills are constantly being used meaning that you can expect quick results.

How can I apply for your course?

Before you join any course you will have a short meeting with one of our teachers and a level-check test to check your current English level. After this we will recommend the best class for you.You can take the test on-line on our website or in our center.

What if I miss a class?

If you are in a group class and have to miss a lesson you can phone reception to get the homework and what was taught in the lesson.

What if I don’t understand what the teacher says?

All Premium English teachers have English as a Foreign Language qualifications, this means they have learnt how to communicate with students of all levels – even students with no English at all! If you are struggling to understand the teacher then speak with us and we will help you.

What books do you use? Do I have to buy the book myself?

All materials are included in the cost of a full course and individual study. Students receive a Student’s book, a Workbook and, depending on the level, a CD-ROM.

Can you help me prepare for the TOEFL/IELTS exams?

We offer exam courses to individual students, speak to one of our staff for more details.

What do I get at the end of the course?

Every student who completes a Premium English course receives a Premium English Certificate stating the course studied and your English language level on the Common European Framework. We also keep your information here with us and we are happy to provide a written confirmation of your language level if you require it.

Can the teacher come to me in my office?

For students who do not have the opportunity to come to our school to study we can provide a teacher at your place of work. This can either be for an individual lesson or for a group class.

I want to study English with you but my timetable is very busy. What can you offer me?

Premium English is open for lessons from 9.00 until 22.00, Monday to Friday. If you would like to study outside these hours please speak to us.

What discounts do you offer?

Premium English offers a variety of payment options and discounts. Please speak to the school manager for more information.