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Student's comments


"I think Premium English is the best school where you can learn English. I started learning English when I was 6. When I went to Premium English for the first time I was surprised because we spoke only in English". Gleb Anoshkin, Incredible English 5 level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I like Premium English! I have got many friends here! I like Premium English because it is a nice and interesting school. Miss Helena is super!" Ksenia Suntsova, Incredible English 5 level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I like Premium English so much! There are many interesting teachers. I learn English language at Premium English faster than at school". Elvina Valeeva, Incredible English 5 level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"Premium English lessons are not ordinary boring school lessons, These lessons are exciting, dynamic and interesting! Learning English here is easy. I recommend this school to everybody". Ivan Gaynullin, More 4 level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I've been studying English here for more than 5 years now. And I'm very grateful to the Premium English teachers for the amazing lessons! If not for them I wouldn't have decided to become a linguist in the future. Premium English makes dreams come true!" Elizaveta Kryukova, Advanced level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"Today we can't imagine well-educated people without studying English. And they do it not only to read books, write messages and listen to news in English. It's much more than that, here is an incredible opportunity to find new friends in a new open world. Thanks to Premium English it has happened to me". Roman Sotnikov, Upper-Intermediate level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I like Premium English because lessons are very interesting and funny, teachers are kind and they will help you if you have any questions. I think Premium English is the best English school!" Artyom Kosinov, More 4 level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"Time flies... I'm glad that my time flies with Premium English. Due to the talented teachers working here, I have increased my level of English. My som is also studying here. I hope next year my daughter will join us". Adelya Shakirova, Upper-Intermediate level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I have been studying at Premium English for 5 years. I didn't use to study English. I thought it would be difficult for me. At the beginning of my study it seemed a bit complicated and I had thoughts that I would never speak this language. Nowadays I can say, with much please, I speak English well. I'm able to understand native speakers. It's exciting! In the future I want to keep on studying because I'd like to have good practice and feel free talking to foregn people. I'm very grateful to my English teacher from Australia. She is Rachel. She is an amazing teacher. Rachel always smiles when she sees her students. She is also very positive. Her lessons are fascinating. She often explains the difficult grammar rules like an actress. We love her very much. Thanks to the girls who work at the school. I'm always happy to go to school where I meet polite, pleasant and kind people". Venera Arkhipova, Intermediate level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I study at Premium English for 5 years. I like to learn English. I like our teachers and my friends in my group. I want to learn English to speak to people in other countries". Arthur Akhsanov, Incredible English 4 level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I like Premium English because there are good and kind teachers here. Premium English is a great school! The lessons are interesting and merry". Varvara Paramonova, Incredible English 5 level, 2015-2016 academic year.


"I went to England as a part of the group. I realized that I would like that trip from the first day. And in fact I liked everything very much: activities, staff, and trips. I improved my English, learnt a lot of new things and overcame a language barrier. I'm no longer ashamed to speak English. Hopefully, I will go to study to Engliand again next year". Adelia Sabirova about Summer 2014 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English.


"Thank you to your school. I really like your school and teachers". Marina Ignatova.


"I went to England for the second time and I can say that this year the weather was much better. It was hot and sunny every day. We lived in a real castle. I felt like a princess during these three weeks. My roommate was a nice and wonderful girl. We will be friends forever. I also met a lot of kind and friendly people from Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Georgia, Andorra, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Greece, Czech Republic. I am very happy that I could go this time, I have so many good memories in my mind". Alta Krikun (14 years old) about Summer 2014 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English.


"I am very grateful to LLC "Premium English" for the right educational program and the high quality of services provided. I would like to continue learning the language with you, as you have native speakers from England as teachers that is very important in building a correct pronunciation and communication. Sincerely, Enzhe".


"Hi! I really want to share my impressions of trip to England. To fly to London and finally see the images from the English textbook was my sacred dream. So my dream came true and I went to England. I had so many emotions, after school I could spend days and evenings walking around London and enjoying its beauty and power. Everything was like in those pictures from the textbook being as beautiful and mysterious! But I also went to improve my English, so I studied at Regent School. The lessons were wonderful and so much fun, and the teachers were so friendly. I loved it! London is a fabulous city, because it has got a huge history, and millions of events. I am happy that I was lucky enough to visit one of the capitals of the world. I am very grateful to Premium English for helping in organizing my trip!" From London with love, Sofia Mustafina.


"I want to thank the teachers and staff of Premium English for creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for learning. My child has enjoyed attending classes. And I was pleased as a mother to see the teacher being happy to communicate with the children. We hope not to forget what we have learnt over the summer and look forward to seeing you in the new academic year. P.S. We look forward to seeing Holly again. We are very fond of her". From a mom of a young learner Ilya Mitrofanov.


"I like studying at your school very much. You are the best language school. Thank you!" Anastasia Tikhonova.


"In less than a year of studies at your school our child has significantly increased his vocabulary, learnt to communicate with the native speaker teacher and to participate in dialogues. Moreover, he has always expressed a great desire to come to school, which is already an indication of а correct age oriented approach to children and taking into account their ability to receive the information. Sincerely, parents of Irakli Kolbaya".


"I really liked to study at your school. I would like to say special thanks to Miss Holly. I have studied with her for three years and loved her lessons". Marat Galimov.


"Everything is great! I'm happy to attend classes at Premium English". Elena Kryukova.


"This trip was just amazing! I will never forget these best moments of my life! Now England has become one of my favorite countries. The atmosphere there is simply unforgettable". Yana Ismagilova about Summer 2014 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English.


"I loved this trip, the weather was warmer than I thought. I didn't need lots of warm clothes I've brought. All excursions were fun. Housing was very cozy. The staff was very kind and cheerful. I liked everything". Ulyana Konovalova about Summer 2014 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English.


"We are grateful to the "Premium English" school for the professionalism of teachers, good organization of lessons, attention to children. Especially I want to mention our teacher Holly, her ability to get children interested, to focus their attention by switching more complex tasks to simple ones built in the form an interesting game. Sincerely, Kolbaya Irakli's parents".


"Thank you very much! I've began speaking English and it is great! I hope to continue studying English". Farida, Pre-Intermediate level.


"Thank you for such a wonderful way of teaching English. On my behalf I want to add that my level of English has improved". Alla Shcheglova, Elementary level.


"We are very grateful to the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan for the opportunity to study English at Premium English school. The methodology of teaching and our teacher allow to gain knowledge from a native speaker. Classes are held in a friendly atmosphere, an interesting way and certainly will contribute to formation of basic knowledge. We hope to continue our lessons. Lots of thanks to the Premium English staff. We wish you health, happiness and prosperity. See you soon! Sincerely yours, Beginner group".


"Thank you for all time spent together. Thank you for the skills, for a good mood and for professionalism of teachers and of course the staff :) I would like to continue studying next year )) With best wishes, Anna, Upper-Intermediate level".


"I want to thank my teacher Kate for an excellent work. Atmosphere in the lessons is easy and liberating. Thanks to those leassons it is easy to communicate with foreigners, there is no language barrier. The lessons always were interesting. I want to continue my studies at Premium English".


"Dear teachers!!! We are very glad to meet such interesting and smart people!" Thank you very much!" Andrey, Radik, Dinara, Emil, Dilyara, Adelya.


"All teachers were very kind and thoughtful, we all were in one team! We had lessons 5 times a week 3 hours a day. Time flew, we played and studied in the lessons. I have improved my level 1.5 times in 2 weeks. Now I can speak almost fluently".


"I really liked the trip to England! Everyone was good to me: teachers, students, staff. The food was tasty and activities were interesting. The trip I liked the most was trip to the Durham Cathedral. I want to go to England again next year". Tagir Akhmetshin.


"It's great that there are courses of such a high level in Kazan! I really started speaking English wothout hesitation. My speach may not always be correct, but before I struggred even knowing the rules. Our teacher is very professional and considerate. Every student is different but he is always able to find an individual approach to everyone. Many students consider him just fun, but it seems to me that he's a profound man who has his own approach to teaching different people. It is very difficult to learn English without a native speaker, without that mentality, without European charisma. My English became live and I can use it now". Natalya Nikulina.


"I want to thank Catey, our English teacher from last year. I improved my English a lot thanks to her. She is an excellent teacher. And I wish that Premium English would invite more great teachers like Catey". Oleg Shabalov.


"Thanks to Regent London School for a great English course. The school is very strong and approach to learning is very serious. I had an intensive course for a month. I improved my level of English a lot. All teachers are professionals, the lessons were very diverse and exciting. In the beginning it was very difficult to understand spoken English and also to begin speaking English, but a total immersion to the English environment is doing its job. The most important thing is to be confident and not afraid to speak, even if you feel that you are making mistakes. In my group there were 8 people from different countries: Mexico, Italy , Spain, France , South Korea, and Turkey. All the students were very friendly and sociable. Atmosphere in the school is very conducive to learning and to communicate. During breaks between classes you can drink coffee or tea and talk to students from other groups. I also want to mention a great location of the school, which makes it possible to visit all the sights of London, to walk on the main streets and visit the beautiful parks. That's why I'm glad I chose courses in London. School gives big discounts (for example, ticket for the musical costs 80 pounds, and can be purchased from the school for 25 pounds). There is a signboard hanging in the lobby with all activities for the week, you can go to the administrator and sign up". Maria Ignatova about Summer 2013 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English.

A mother of a 9 years old student in the "Kids Starter" group


"After 6 months of studyng at Premium English my daughter started feeling herself more confident at school lessons. After one year she started getting excellent marks. If the improvement continues, we definately will continue studying here. Thanks!"


"This summer we went to London. We had amazing holidays! We studied at Regent School, which is located in the city center and that was really convenient. Also a lot of shops, cafes, souvenir shops and the main sights of London were located nearby. What we really liked is the school staff. They were very friendly and professional. If we had any problems and they would always help us. Also it was very interesting ti meet a lot of people from different countries. We became good friends and we are still in touch with them. We learnt so many things about their countries and broke their stereotypes about Russia. Furthermore, every evening we had social programs. Every day was different and exciting. Those actiovities united students. The accomodation was great too. The housekeepers were friendly and helpful. The rooms were clean and comfortable. We would like to visit it again one day". Alina and Guzel.

Sofya Kuznetsova (13 years old) about Summer 2013 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English (Intermediate)


"I liked London very much. It was very cool in London Eye particularly! I felt like I had the whole city on my palm, the view was very beautiful. It was breathtaking when we stopped at the top so that everybody could take pictures". Sofya Kuznetsova (16 years old) about Summer 2013 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English, Intermediate level.


"I am delighted! I have met a lot of friends from all over the world. Rooms have all conveniences, neighbours are nice. Education is great, lessons are very interesting! Rezeda is the kindest person in the world! She helps us with everything! Teachers are very kind and responsive here!" Alta Krikun (13 years old) about Summer 2013 Study Abroad Courses with Premium English, Upper-Intermediate level.


"My teacher was Miss Holly and it was real fun to spend time with her. I'm so happy that I know such a great place like Premium English". Karina.


"As they say, to keep at a certain level you need to move, to go ahead - you need to move twice as fast! (Lewis Carroll). I'm glad I found out about Premium English. After each lession I go home being inspired and I want to get done so much in life. You realize that many more countries are worth visiting, and start thinking about going abroad to study in future. And after classes you realize that everything is possible! :) It is possible to improve your English! I like the atmosphere in the classroom very much. I am especially grateful to my teachers Holly and Ted, and to their ability to conduct classes in a very interesting way! They believed in me. I promise to have a better attendance next year! And to study harder! I wish you would offer courses for medical students too! :) I wish your school a great development! Thank you for everything! PS: I can not imagine a week without your classes! It's worth doing! Really!!! :)" Liliya, Upper-Intermediate level.


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"Dear Premium English! Dear Kate and Co! It has been a real permanent pleasure to be with you. Our sincere heartfelt thanks for your efforts. Hope to see you next year. We wish all the best to you all" Alfred.


Dear Kate! It's a great pleasure to study in this school. Teaching was on a high level all the time. I hope to study here again. Thanks a lot for the lessons. Vadim.


"Dear Premium English! We are so happy to be your students. Everyting was great. Your school gives us a great chance to improve our language skills with native speakers and also to communicate with interesting people from all over the world. Your lessons were useful and amazing. We got great pleasure. Thanks a lot". Jane and Lena.


"Kate is the best teacher we have ever had. She is amazing. We will miss her! We loved our year with her! We wish her all the best for the future:) Kate is the best!!!" Alta and Sasha.


"I want to thank Premium English for the excellent teaching and a warm atmosphere. For a half year of studying, I have got used a lot to our teacher Holly. She is a wonderful and glowing person. I want to continue studying in your school, and to sign up my son later on as well". Venera, Beginner level.


"Dear Holly! Thank you so much for your lessons! I wish you success in everything you do and let every day lived in Kazan bring you joy". Marina, Beginner level.



Lessons of the English language from Premium English are very enjoyable: a chance of communication with native speakers, communication in small groups, kindly relationships of the employees and so on - all these are stimulating to learning the language. Every lesson is unrepeatable regarding the topic, interesting and exciting.


"Our group is very happy with the school, the teacher, and employees of Premium English. Friendly atmosphere lets you to remove the constraint and to start speaking English. Saimon is a very good teacher who is able to explain us the basics of the language. We hope to continue learning English on following levels". Evdokimova Yu., Beginner level.


"I am glad that we have got a chance to study English with native speaker teachers in Kazan. A wide range of lessons, both group and individual, are designed according to the level of each student. This lets everyone who has a strong desire and is ready to work hard improve their English. My small experience of studying at this school has made a good impression about the level of teaches' training and direction of teaching process. Premium English courses have a big future. Best Regards!" Zakarzhaev M.B.


I've started learning English many times, but I see the results only here. Thank you very much!" Zhenya, Elementary level.


"It’s a great pleasure to study in this school. The teaching was at a high level all the time". Vadim, Advanced level.


"My progress is noticed by my colleagues!" Ilgiz, Intermediate level.


"The staff is the professionals who are open, friendly and ready to help at any situation. I recommend this language centre to everyone". Alsou, Elementary level.